Feed Grinder Specifications

BHAJAN Agriculture & Engg. Works is a leading manufacturer of food processing and animal feed processing equipment. BHAJAN offers outstanding performing feed grinders for optimum size reduction of raw material.

With Decades of experience and highly qualified specialists make us a strong manufacturer in the supply of feed grinders for powerful size reduction in Feed Industry. BHAJAN’s range of feed grinders completes the need for extremely fine or coarse grinding at high capacity.Variable ranges of our feed grinders functions as a fine grinding mill in Poultry , Cattle , Pet and Aqua feed production and as a course grinding mill in the formulated feed manufacturing, biomass industries.We Serve industry with Optimized design for efficient and size reduction.

Modern era is completely of Automation, in modern feed milling system Auto batching system is required so that the ingredients should be properly store & weigh. In this system elevator distribution conveyors, or product distributor fill all the silos. All the Silos are equipped with material level measuring and indicating sensors so that they can indicate High level or low level of material in the Bins. All the bins also have screw feeders or gravity feeder.Material in bins is discharged in weigh hopper which is mounted on load cells by controlled movement of feeders.

Auto weighing of liquids, fat, and oil can also be incorporated to the mixer As the no. of ingredients and volume of production increases, it necessitates that the automatic weighing of all the ingredients is carried out.


Animal feed consists of different ingredients to make a balanced diet in terms of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and medicines etc. There are few ingredients which are already available in powder form while the others like grains and cakes (by products of oil extraction plants from soya, groundnuts, mustard etc) need to be reduced to the required particle size to helps animal for easy Digestion and to increase pelleting efficiency & quality as well.

The product entersthrough the top of feed grinder, fall inside it & the product comes in contact with the rotating hammers at very high speed . The entering product can be assumed almost stationery as compare to very high tip speed of hammers. Due to huge difference in relative speed of each other, when contact is made, due to high impact force product is shattered in particles.

After this action, hammers begin to pull material into acceleration zone where the particles will increase in velocity to attain hammer tip speed.

As soon as the particles attain the exit velocity, they are thrown out of grinding chamber.

  • The Hammer design and placement, as well as optimum hammer bar velocity, ensure maximum material contact for proper, efficient size reduction.
  • Sophisticated screen design ensures optimal discharge of crushed particles, thus reducing energy consumption.
  • Fast and easy screen and hammer changes save time.
  • The door design allows easy access to the screens.
  • The screen holding frame is well designed to properly hold the sieve for zero maintenance operation.
  • The hammer bar locking mechanism enables fast and easy access to the hammers.
  • Feed Grinder Rotor is Dynamically balanced which helps the machine to run without Vibration.
  • Low temperature rise to preserve ingredients nutrients
  • Rotary feeder with magnetic separator for equal distribution of grindables.


Variable Frequency Drive or VFD over Vane Feeder above Feed Grinder is used to control the speed of Rotary feeder which allows the Grindables to enter the Feed Grinder according to its capacity of grinding.This ensures that the feeder does not supply the mill more material than Mill’s main drive motor can tolerate. The speed can be controlled through Auto-mode Or Manual Mode.

A direct manual By-Pass is also provided which allows continuously feeding the Feed Grinder in case of any major problem in VFD Panel.

With 5mm Sieve
With 4mm Sieve
P-Required (H.P.)
1. BAEW-HM 14 3 Ton 1.5-2 Ton 10-15 H.P.
2. BAEW- HM 16 5 Ton 2.5-3 Ton 15-20 H.P.
3. BAEW-HM 20 7 Ton 5.5-6 Ton 25-30 H.P.
5. BAEW-HM- 28 10 Ton 8.5-9 Ton 50-75 H.P.
6. BAEW-HM-36 12 Ton 10.5- 11 Ton 100-120 H.P

Why Choose Us?

At Bhajan Agriculture & Engg. Works. , quality is the word, which contains utmost value. Considering the end-application and usage of our systems, Bhajan Agriculture & Engg. Works takes special care at each and every stage of the production. All these systems are manufactured using only certified components. In addition, all these components are checked before taking up the production.