We offers herbs and Spices pulveriser, which grinds red chilies, black pepper, white pepper, Gram Flour(Basen), Maize, Rice Husk, Garam Masala, Medicines, . Also equipped with beater are fully machined and balanced. Its feature includes dust free operation; does not waste product and cause no pollution hazards. Another feature of this mill is that effective and continuous crushing leads to increased production and faster return on investments.

Working & Principle

Our Multi Spice Pulverisers are durable utility grinders capable of grinding most of the Spices to the desirable particle size. This machine comprises of a heavy duty Mild Steel/Stainless Steel body (Optionally). Multipurpose Spices Pulveriser operates on the principle that the most of the materials will grind or crush upon impact of the hammers rotating at the specific RPM. The material is feeded into this machine through the gravity Shute. Which can adjust the flow & Capacity of material feeded into the machine. The grinding chamber of this spices pulveriser is having cutter plates which help the material to crush easily. Design provides for admitting extra air during grinding to facilitate cool operation. Soft to medium hard materials are quickly pulverized to fine powder.. Quite popularly, it is also called high speed close tolerance grains mill. Uniformly fed material undergoes a complex grinding force through attrition between liner plate and hammer tip, impact of high speed hammers and collision between particles. Bottom sieve controls the particle size.

Our Spices Pulverisers are durable utility grinders capable of grinding almost every spice. The spices pulveriser comprises of a heavy duty MS body (alternatively stainless steel construction can be provided in herbs and spice grinder wherever necessary). Spices grinder operates on the principle that most materials will grind or crush upon impact with the hammers. It comprises three functions i.e. Grinding, Grading & Lifting. The material is feed into the machine through inlet Shute. The grinding chamber of grinder is lined with serrated wear plates, which protects the body from wear and tear. The material is contacted by a series of rotating, and dynamically balance hammers. The material is ground by repeated contact with these hammers, contact with the serrated wear plates of the grinding chamber, and particle to particle contact. The material remains in the grinding chamber until it is suitably sized to pass through the perforated screen that covers the bottom half of the grinding chamber. After the grinding process, High pressure fan lifts the material & passes it to the outlet of the machine. The material is collected with the help of Air lock system. Particle size varied using screen different size holes


The brand herbs and spice pulveriser can be used for a wide range of application e.g. Animal and poultry feeds, food products, herbs and spices like red chilies, black pepper, white pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, red pepper, oregano, basil, thyme, dill seed, shell corn, ginkgo, ginseng, cava, black cohosh, nutmeg, ginger root, yucca root, cassava root, tea, coffee, suitable for dry leaves, hard herbs, sugar, all lentil grinding, and cotton et cetera

Outstanding features of herbs and Spice Pulveriser

  • Heavy duty bearings with Dynamically Balanced rotor give a trouble free durable machine life.
  • The Screens are interchangeable according to the desired particle.
  • Heavy duty base frame stand along with belt safety guards are provided.
  • Easy dust free operation, cool grinding & no shortage of the material.
  • Low specific power consumption, increased production leading to faster return on the investments.
  • Zero burning loss due to very less grinding temperature.
1 BAEW-SM-4 10’’X4’’ 40 to 50 kg 3 to 5 HP
2 BAEW-SM-5 10’’X5’’ 50 to 75 kg 5 to 7.5 HP
3 BAEW-SM-6 12’’X6’’ 120-130 kg 10 to 12.5 HP
4 BAEW-SM-8 14’’X8’’ 150-180 kg 15 to 20 HP
5 BAEW-SM-10 16’’X10’’ 225-250 kg 25 to 30 HP
6 BAEW-SM-12 18’’X12’’ 250-350 kg 40 to 50 HP
7 BAEW-SM-14 20’’X14’’ 350-450 kg 60 to 75 HP

Why Choose Us?

At Bhajan Agriculture & Engg. Works. , quality is the word, which contains utmost value. Considering the end-application and usage of our systems, Bhajan Agriculture & Engg. Works takes special care at each and every stage of the production. All these systems are manufactured using only certified components. In addition, all these components are checked before taking up the production.