BHAJAN offers a range of high-quality mixers for all feed applications, ensuring all ingredients are mixed ensuring uniform feed quality.

Homogeneous mixing of feed ingredients will ensure uniform distribution of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which will result in a nutritionally enriched content in each feed pellet. Our range of mixers offers solutions for both paddle and ribbon mixing.

Single Shaft paddle Mixer Specifications

This mixer is designed with a special focus on today’s increasing demands for a high-quality mixer. It has a shorter mixing time and its design features are truly unique to the market. The special design of this machine ensures Zero Maintenance at all.

Features and Applications

  • The mixing Drum is designed for Uniform mixing and zero dead corners.
  • Heavy duty gearbox for maintenance free operation.
  • Return air chute is given for recycling of dust during material Inlet..
  • Large door enabling easy clean out and inspection.
  • A horizontal Hopper is given for addition of Molasses/Oil in the batch.
  • Latest design of paddles gives efficient mixing and have resistance to bend under load
  • Our Mixers are fitted with well-designed oil immersed helical teeth gear box with heat treated gears which ensures prolonged trouble free service.
Sr .no Model Volume cap ( kg/batch) Mixing cap (kg) Power (H.P)
1 BAEW-HPM-300 200 cuft 250-300 7.5 HP
2 BAEW-HPM-600 50 cuft 500-600 10.12.5 HP
3 BAEW-HPM-1000 100 cuft 800-1000 15-20 HP
4 BAEW-HPM-2000 200 cuft 1600-2000 25-30 HP

Why Choose Us?

At Bhajan Agriculture & Engg. Works. , quality is the word, which contains utmost value. Considering the end-application and usage of our systems, Bhajan Agriculture & Engg. Works takes special care at each and every stage of the production. All these systems are manufactured using only certified components. In addition, all these components are checked before taking up the production.