Reddler Conveyor Specifications

Reddler Conveyors or Chain Conveyors are used to convey material such as granular, powder or palletized , etc. It causes the material to flow like a liquid through enclosed dust-tight casings in any required direction by means of chain with flights, and in such a manner that there is no pressure on the materials, no movement between the particles and consequently no breakage.

Reddler Conveyors are completely enclosed. The closely spaced chain flights which constitute the conveying element travel through the enclosed casing wherever it may lead, and materials admitted into this casing travel quiescently with the chain up to the point of discharge.

Fabricated & completely bolted enclosed casing. Designed for no material residue in the drive and return units. It requires very less power. Heavy duty drive shaft to resist hightorque and self-aligning roller bearings are used. Moving parts of chain like roller and pins are hardened and ground for long life without elongation. Suitable drive system like geared motor with chain-sprocket can be used for trouble free and low maintenance operation.The tail end is supplied with a chain tensioning system made with two slides supporting the shaft and return gear. Adjustment is made by two screws. Shaft is equipped with flanged self-aligning bearings.

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