BHAJAN offers a range of high-quality mixers for all feed applications, ensuring all ingredients are mixed ensuring uniform feed quality.

Homogeneous mixing of feed ingredients will ensure uniform distribution of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which will result in a nutritionally enriched content in each feed pellet. Our range of mixers offers solutions for both paddle and ribbon mixing.

Ribbon Mixer Specifications

BHAJAN’s Ribbon Mixer is a batch mixer having outstanding accuracy in mixing .Our advanced ribbon design can perform mixing at much faster rate using minimum of power.The ribbon helix is so shaped that when inside mixing shaft rotates, one ribbon pushes the material in one side while at same time other ribbon pushes the materialto opposite side.So, particles inside the mixer are given very fast movement and homogenous mix is achieved


  • High quality mixer allowing up to 12 batches per hour
  • Mixing time of 3-4 minutes per batch in dry mixing.
  • Work with adding multiple liquids
  • Optional batch size 40-100%
  • Efficient emptying.
Sr. no Model Volume cap (kg) Mixing cap (kg/batch) Power (H.P)
1 BAEM-HRM-300 20 cuft 250-300 5 HP
2 BAEM-HRM-600 50 cuft 500-600 7.5 HP
3 BAEM-HRM-1000 100 cuft 800-1000 10-15 HP
4 BAEM-HRM-2000 200 cuft 1600-2000 15-20 HP

Why Choose Us?

At Bhajan Agriculture & Engg. Works. , quality is the word, which contains utmost value. Considering the end-application and usage of our systems, Bhajan Agriculture & Engg. Works takes special care at each and every stage of the production. All these systems are manufactured using only certified components. In addition, all these components are checked before taking up the production.